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Visitor Visa to Canada

Foreign nationals coming into Canada for visits have to apply for a visitor visa. This legal Immigration document grants them access to the country for a short period. It is also known as the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) because visitors are expected to stay temporarily.

Foreign nationals that abuse their visitor visa would face the consequences. Staying beyond your assigned visiting date is punishable by law here in Canada.

Tourists coming to Canada get the Canada Tourist Visa. This allows them to visit as many sights and locations in the country without getting harassed by enforcement officers. The Canadian visa office in your country would determine the type of visitor visa for you. You’d get a visitor visa stamp on your passport as proof that you’ve met the criteria to visit Canada. All TRV and tourist visa applicants can only come in as students or workers.


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Who Needs a Visitor Visa?

Every foreign national that is not a Canadian resident or citizen needs a visitor visa. The only few exceptions, in this case, are foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries. Visitors that come in from these countries only need to check with their customs and immigration before coming to Canada.

As a Canadian permanent resident, you’re not allowed to send an application for a visitor visa. It is illegal, even if your permanent residency card is no longer valid. 

If you fall under this category, apply for the Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) instead. This would guarantee your trip to Canada temporarily, even as a documented permanent resident.

All Canadian citizens (including dual citizens) must not apply for a visitor visa. For you to visit Canada as a dual citizen, you must have a valid Canadian passport.

Visitors coming into the country for business should apply for a business visitor visa.

How Salahi Paralegal Can Help you with your Visitor Visa?

At Salahi Paralegal, we serve as an intermediary between our clients and the tedious Canadian immigration procedures.

We’d help you analyze your files and prepare them for processing. Without the right set of documentation, you may be denied entry into Canada as a visitor. Our team of legal experts also helps in representing our clients in IRCC.

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