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Why Hire a Paralegal for your Traffic Ticket?

If you’ve been charged with a traffic ticket recently, you need to know what your legal options are. It’s a common practice for Canadian residents to pay off their traffic tickets as soon as they come. What if you do not have to pay for the ticket always?

If you make the wrong decision regarding your traffic ticket, it may attract long-term consequences. Many lose their licenses and insurance, and sometimes face penalties and fines by the court over this.

You need a paralegal to handle your traffic ticket decisions. They’d advise you on the best ways to tackle traffic ticket issues while protecting your rights. Licensed paralegals are more cost-effective which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring a law firm.

At Salahi Paralegal, we run our traffic ticket appeals under the Provincial Offenses Act of Canada.


Year of industry experience

Salahi Paralegal offers representations for clients with complex traffic ticket cases.

Driving License Suspension

Salahi Paralegal should be your first choice when picking a representative for your suspended license. We offer affordable consultation and representative quotes when it comes to reinstating our clients’ licenses. Reach out to us today with detailed information on the event that led to your license suspension. Our team of devoted paralegals would provide the best solution to avoid you spending more. Traffic tickets would hike your insurance rates.

Traffic Tickets

Get the best representation for traffic tickets with Salahi Paralegal. We’d deal with the paperwork and provide cost-effective solutions to your traffic tickets.

At Salahi Paralegal, we’d work to ensure you maintain a good driving record regardless of the ticket. We’d provide the best solutions to avoid car insurance increments with your broker. We hope for the best-case scenario where you would not have decreased demerit points.

Speeding Tickets

We are the best paralegal team to handle your speeding tickets in Ontario.

Getting multiple demerit points could potentially affect your driving license status. As these points reduce, you may get suspended or permanently restricted from driving with a license. When this happens year in and out, your insurance rates increase. Paying a speeding ticket is considered an admission of guilt in the eyes of the law.

We offer free phone consultations. Call today!

Stunt Driving Charges

Driving more than 50km over the posted limit could attract a stunt driving charge. Whenever an officer charges you with this, reach out to Salahi Paralegal for legal advice. Fine rates for first offenders of stunt driving range between $2,000 and $10,000.

Depending on the gravity of the charge, your license may be suspended for up to 2 years. We offer the best solutions for stunt driving charges to help our clients reduce their sentences and fines.

Careless Driving Charges

When caught driving carelessly without control, care, or attention, you may be charged for it. Regardless of whether you were driving on the road, avenue, street, or highway, the charges remain the same.

The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario sets these laws to prevent other Canadian residents from using the road. Offenders found guilty by the traffic court may get fined up to $2,000.

Some convictions are punishable with prison time but only on rare occasions.

Parking Ticket Debt

It’s common to pile up parking ticket debt because no one remembers these little fines anyway. You must clear all outstanding parking ticket debt before renewing your license plate.

We help Canadian drivers get the best deals when settling their parking ticket debt. If possible, we’d apply with the court to allow you to repay your parking ticket debt over a period.

Have you been charged with a traffic ticket recently?

Contact Salahi Paralegal today on how to handle your unpaid parking ticket debt.

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