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What is Spousal sponsorship?

Canadian permanent residents and citizens can invite their spouses to come to live in Canada permanently. The official term for the invite is called “Sponsorship” and it can be extended to partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents living outside Canada. The Canadian government understands the importance of family. Due to this, all approved spousal sponsorship applications are considered a priority in Canadian immigration.


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Our consultants at Salahi Paralegal are experts at reviewing and filing spousal sponsorship applications.

Who can be Sponsored under Spousal Sponsorship Programs?

Anyone who falls into the following category qualifies for the sponsorship program to Canada:

  • Spouses and common-law partners
  • Dependent children
  • Parents and grandparents


Like with all Canadian immigration programs, there are some exceptions to the above-mentioned categories of sponsorship candidates. Canadian permanent residents and citizens can sometimes sponsor their non-immediate family members.  For example, you can sponsor your niece, sister, or uncle:

  • In the absence of any other immediate family relatives, you may sponsor in the future
  • If they are your legally adopted children and need the criteria of dependent children

What are the Requirements and How Can One Apply for Spousal sponsorship?

To avoid several denials on your spousal sponsorship applications, confirm your eligibility for the program. Not all Canadian permanent residents can sponsor their spouses or partners to come to live in Canada permanently.

To be sure your application gets a chance for sponsorship, take note of the following points:

  • Sponsors must be older than 18 years to file for spousal sponsorship
  • Sponsors must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Sponsors must currently live in Canada or at least have proof of living in Canada before sending their applications
  • Sponsors must provide proof of the legitimacy of their relationships with their invitees. Documents like marriage certificates, wedding or convincing photos, and other related documents
  • Sponsors must provide proof of being capable of providing the basic needs of their partners
  • Sponsors must not currently be recipients of government assistance programs except social disability
  • Sponsors must have not been sponsored into Canada by another partner in the space of five years
  • Sponsors must have clean criminal records with zero conviction
  • Sponsors must not have sexual/violent conviction records
  • Sponsors must not be going through bankruptcy


Most spousal sponsorship applications take between 10 and 12 months to process.

Yes, as long as you’re financially capable of providing for them without the government’s assistance.

How Salahi Paralegal can help you with your Spousal Sponsorship Application?

We can help you get through the rather complicated process of filing and sending your documents to sponsor your partner. The process is a stress-free, affordable, and smooth one. Salahi Paralegal would you get a shorter processing time early enough for your partner’s arrival.

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