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Registrant Identification Number (RIN)

Business owners looking to obtain their Registrant Identification Numbers (RIN) must first get an acceptable notary statutory declaration. Salahi Paralegal can help draft and commission it.

What is RIN?

Registered and legitimate businesses in Canada have RINs: unique identification numbers attached to their business transportation operations.

This unique 9-digit is requested at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation whenever a registered Canadian business wishes to register a vehicle.Ontario’s motor vehicle registration system categorizes vehicles into individual owners and company vehicles.

Must my business be incorporated?

No. All registered Canadian businesses and companies can obtain their Registrant Identification Numbers (RIN) for vehicle purchasing. Businesses that are sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations can all apply to get a RIN.


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At Salahi Paralegal, we'll help you draft the documentation needed for your company's RIN.

Why do I need a RIN?

All cars, motors, or trucks must be registered under the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to move legally on the road. Vehicles that are not registered in Ontario’s motor vehicle registration system are confiscated when caught. Individuals can easily link their new vehicles with their driver’s licenses but businesses need to take a different route. As a registered business in Canada with transportation needs, you must have a RIN.

Businesses cannot own driver’s licenses. Company drivers need their driver’s licenses to operate the vehicle but the vehicle has to be registered. The Ontario government has the RIN which helps in vehicle registration for Canadian businesses. All business-owned vehicles are expected to be in the motor vehicle registration system to be driven legally. Logistics and transportation companies must have all their vehicles registered.

Does my business need multiple RINs?

No. You cannot apply for multiple RINs under one business name. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation allows businesses with the need for multiple vehicles to use one RIN.

How do I obtain a RIN?

When business owners go to vehicle dealership companies for a vehicle, they can apply for RIN on the spot. You can also process your RIN application yourself. Simply head to the nearest Service Ontario Location to fill out your RIN application. Ensure you have the following documents ready when heading to the service location:

  • The business’s article of incorporation including the business name registration and/or master business license
  • Two (2) pieces of official mail containing the name and registered address of your corporation or business – i.e. corporate tax filing, utility bill, lease agreement, insurance policy, etc. 
  • Notary statutory declaration of your business operations. The notary must have the necessary documents to verify the legitimacy of the business

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Registrant Identification Numbers (RIN)?

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