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Notary Public Services

At Salahi Paralegal, we provide outstanding notary services with detailed document review and authentication. Get one of the most competitive rates for your notary public needs today. We deliver customer satisfactory notaries handled by experienced paralegals. All notaries signed and processed by Salahi Paralegal meet the highest industry standards.


Year of industry experience

We help our clients notarize witness signatories, document authentication, and oath administration.

Certified True Copy

We work on true copies of original documents. This notary service helps protect the financial and material interests of businesses and individuals. Salahi Paralegal crafts certified true copies that bind deals, projects, and sales to their owners.

Signature Witness

In Canada, some contracts may require a signatory witnessed by a notary public. Reach out to Salahi Paralegal for your signature witness on both original and copied documents. As a signature witness, we’d make your documents valid for both personal and business purposes.

Sworn Declaration

Salahi Paralegal provides notary services for sworn declarations. We’d help you authenticate your transfer of ownership document to make the transaction legal. The details of our sworn declaration can never be challenged or questioned in the future.

Statutory Declaration

Contact us to notarize your statutory declaration. We provide the best and most affordable notary services for statutory declaration in Ontario. Salahi Paralegal is authorized to review and process your statutory declaration as a key witness.


We help individuals with affidavits needed for all kinds of reasons. Affidavits created by the Salahi Paralegal team can be used as evidence in all Ontario courts and beyond. Our affidavits contain oaths or affirmations in them to make them legal.

Vehicle Ownership Transfer

Our vehicle ownership transfers prevent both the seller and buyer from disputing the sale in the future. We offer surprisingly affordable rates for this notary service. Buyers do not have to incur additional costs from getting their vehicle transfer documents in front of a notary public.

Common Law Declaration

On some very rare occasions, Canadian residents may be required to swear oaths of being in a common-law relationship. This declaration document can be used for several purposes to benefit both partners. Reach out to us at Salahi Paralegal; we can help!  

Affidavit of Identity

Recently lost every piece of identification on you? Contact Salahi Paralegal today. We can help you get started with the processing of every identification lost or stolen. Our team of paralegals would walk you through the process of applying for new ones immediately.

Certificate of Origin

You’d need a valid certificate of origin document to export or ship products overseas. Your certificate of origin helps customs and immigration document the exportation correctly. We’d help you notarize your certificate of origin document at an affordable rate.  

CETA Declaration

Aside from the certificate of origin, you also need a CETA declaration to export goods to Europe. At Salahi Paralegal, we help our clients notarize their CETA declaration in time for the next goods shipments to Europe. Reach out to us to get started today!  


Would you love to authenticate or legalize your document before sending them abroad? Then you’d need to have them pass through a notary public in Canada first. Put a call through to us today for your document legalization.  

Travel Authorization Letter

Children need travel authorization letters when traveling abroad without their parents. The Canadian government made this a mandatory requirement for minors traveling abroad without a legal guardian. Let’s help notarize your kid’s travel authorization letter today.


Fingerprint notarization is sometimes needed as a requirement to verify a person’s identity. Come to us with your fingerprint document to get it notarized in due time. This notary public service is available to all Canadian residents. 

Electronic Document Notarization

Authentic documents on the internet go through notarization to protect the owners. At Salahi Paralegal, we help our clients with their electronic document notarization. It’s a special process only approved by notary services providers. Contact us today!

Translated Documents

Do you offer translational services from Canada? Reach out to our team to get your translation notarized at affordable rates.

Custodianship Declaration

Canadian residents looking to care for a child from a foreign country need a custodianship declaration. You’d swear an oath attesting to the fact that you understand and agree to the terms and regulations of custodianship in Canada.

Name Change Application

Are you looking to change your name after marriage? Would you love to add or remove a name from your official information? Contact our notaries for help filling your name change application. It’s a simple but tricky process. Let’s begin!

Invitation Letters

Need a notarized invitation letter? Reach out to Salahi Paralegal for directions on how to get them ready in due time. You may need to notarize your invitation letter for sponsoring your partner or dependent child to Canada.

How can Salahi Paralegal Help Notary Public?

Our consultants at Salahi Paralegal Services help you get through this complicated process efficiently. We make the process smooth.

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