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Why Do you Need a Commissioner of Oath?

All legally binding documents need to be vetted, verified, and authenticated by a commissioner of oath. The commissioner reads through the content and verifies the legitimacy of the claims. You need a commissioner to confirm that the original document is legit and the acclaimed signatory is not forged. This affirmation is needed on all documents including affidavits and all declaratory documents.

Services We Offer:


Salahi Paralegal provides affordable notary public services on oath swearing or administration of declaration. We guarantee the availability of your verifiable signed documents in time for your court proceedings. If you need to draft an affidavit from scratch, contact our paralegal team to start. We’d help you get the affidavits needed for your divorce courts, debt disputes, identity theft resolution, property disagreements, and others.

Statutory Declaration

Statutory declaration service is one of our specialties at Salahi Paralegal. If you need to draft commissioned written statements with a notary public present, contact us. We’d provide you with the list of documents needed for your statutory declaration swearing. Our clients can also request custom statutory declarations to meet their needs. We get requests like insurance verification or claims, proof of age, and sick leave requests.

Passports & Consent to Travel Documents

Salahi Paralegal can help coordinate the statutory declarations if the guarantor is unavailable. These declarations can be tailored to fit all kinds of contracts and agreements. We also issue verifiable certification of photographs to our clients if needed. These legal certifications can be used to back up claims of consent to travel. Get the right consent to travel documents commissioned before your traveling dates.

Witnessing Agreements & Signatory Certifications to Copies of Original Documents

We work with our clients to get commission witness agreements. The majority of these documents are used by business organizations and individuals to verify or back up future claims. We’d attest to the authenticity of the agreements and track down any future breach of contract. Salahi Paralegal verifies signatory certifications appended on all photocopies of the original contract.

How can Salahi Paralegal Help?

Our consultants at Salahi Paralegal Services help you get through this complicated process efficiently. We make the process smooth.

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