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From taking care of your documentation to reducing the processing time, we at Salahi Paralegal help you out with everything involved in legal procedures.

Salahi paralegal provides soliciting legal services to all civil small claims proceedings in conjunction with the Court of Justice Act.

When an enforcement agency serves you a POA notice, it often comes with a duration. If you’re confused about where to begin, contact us at Salahi Paralegal for legal advice.

Summary offences are criminal actions that can be sorted out within a short period. The accused or defendant wouldn’t have to remain in jail awaiting an indictment or jury trial. Most indictment charges get dragged for so long in court for months leaving the accused helpless.

At Salahi Paralegal, we provide outstanding notary services with detailed document review and authentication. Get one of the most competitive rates for your notary public needs today.

We sometimes need a notary urgently so we might need them to come to us. With our notary services, you’d be able to get the right signatories and verifications for your documents. Salahi Paralegal provides in-person notary services to clients anywhere in Canada both at home and office.

All legally binding documents need to be vetted, verified, and authenticated by a commissioner of oath. The commissioner reads through the content and verifies the legitimacy of the claims.

If you’ve been charged with a traffic ticket recently, you need to know what your legal options are. It’s a common practice for Canadian residents to pay off their traffic tickets as soon as they come. What if you do not have to pay for the ticket always?


Canadian residents can try to justify driving under the influence but the law wins most of the time. Winning a DUI charge requires the expertise of a Canadian DUI lawyer.

Our legal professionals will assist you through the document compilation and tenant and landlord applications. We play fairly and by the book always. 

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